Mirror’s Edge – Still Alive (Lisa Miskovsky)

Developed by EA Digital Illusions CE. A bold attempt to create a First Person Perspective game that does not look like another silly “carry the big gun and kill all aliens” childplay. Here, we join Faith, a young Asian woman who works as new kind of city messenger, not only just delivering packages and news, but also trying to stay true to her ideas of freedom and justice. Faith is a well-trained parkour adept and employs it in her job, running in excessive speeds on city rooftops, sliding pipes, and climbing walls, still maintaining the mad momentum of constant rush. There, where the life feels different and people are rare, on “mirror’s edge”, Faith is to experience something important in her life.

The game brings a unique experience of being in the move. It’s also very colorful, with bright and somewhat optimistic palette with blues, reds and whites. Between levels, we hava comic/animation-like narration that explains Faith’s story further, making the player curious about how it will unfold. While it was accepted very well by critics, some people later pointed out that the game concept did not fit well with the gameplay provided and that players were sometimes frustrated with puzzles instead of just being happy running around. Still, the game is worth trying out and I applaud for another attempt of creating something unique.

The first video is a mix of game footage that someone mashed with the song – I feel it fits very well and also presents the game. Later I’ve found out that there’s also an actual clip of Lisa, which may give you an impression what a mirror’s edge could be.

More about Mirror’s Edge –


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