Beyond Good & Evil – Home Sweet Home (Christophe Héral)

From Ubisoft. I doubt the title has something to do with Nietsche’s work, but I’ve never discovered the real origin. I think it’s because it tells about making choices of your own. One of the greatest games I’ve ever played. Nothing is wrong with this game. When you approach it, you might be a little bit put off because of the graphical style and infantilism, but once you get in, you’ll quickly discover that playing BG&E is just making you happy, positive thinking and relaxed. I don’t exactly know how they have achieved that, the game just brings something very pure and good underneath. I am also quite sure music plays a big role in this. I just always smile when I think of the game and that’s something.

In BG&E you play as Jade, a young, spiritual and idea-driven photo journalist. Living in her peaceful and ordered world, Jade will discover that what media and rulers tell people in their daily propaganda is not exactly the truth. Recent alien race visiting the planet Jade lives on, though portrayed as “friends” will turn out to be something more than that. Piece by piece, uncovering the real thing, standing out for her friends and her freedom, Jade will finally stand before the choice, whether to hide or to come out from shadow and expose evil deeds of “the enemy”. The game offers plenty of distraction from the main story. There are lots of side-games, arcade parts (i.e. racing), other lesser stories hidden within the game. Amazingly, the player rarely feels like he’s disconnected or is forced to do something. It would seem that whatever you choose to do, events will unfold smoothly. Jade pursues her destiny equipped with her camera. It’s a real fun to chase many different animal species over the planet and snap a photo of them. You also develop an actual strong connection with your in-game friends, a goal that is extremely hard to achieve in a game nowadays. You will love Secundo or agent Double H and his brilliant “Carlson and Peeters” military textbook.

Sadly, the game sold poorly, because it’s really aiming into more subtle audience than it would appear to. Fans are still hoping for the next part, but as for now, it’s an unknown business.

There’s also another special music bit I adore in this game. It’s a tiny piece called “Blue” which I held long as my message ringtone.

More about Beyond Good & Evil –


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