Ninja (Steve Coleman)

For all the kids who wanted to be great fighters 25 years ago. Developed by Steve Coleman for Mastertonic in 1986. I remember playing this on Atari. The game was very short, it could be mastered in several minutes by skillful player, but it was fun nonetheless. You steer an unnamed black ninja, travelling through set of screens, each given a big name like “Torii in the Sea” or “Rainbow Chamber”, looking for seven blinking “idols”. Each location would have some guards, from one to even seven at the same time. The range of bad guys spans from Thug, through Karateka and finally Evil Ninja. Our ninja has a decent set of moves (about 6 if I remember well), plus, in dire moments he can also use his sword. Additionally, ninja can pick up shurikens and knives and throw them at his opponents. Be careful, though, some of them might throw back!

More about Ninja –
(it’s hard to find something more, but that should be enough, really)


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