Jet Set Willy (Rob Hubbard)

Created in 1984, by a kid, game dev legend of that times – Matthew Smith. Considered to be a sequel of famous Manic Miner. Initially released on ZX Spectrum, I’m linking to an Atari version I know, mostly because of the extraordinary soundtrack that’s different in Atari port (though the rest of the game is often considered inferion to the original).

The game is a typical platformer, but with somewhat insane level of hardcore. It takes a lot to master the game, only to discover that… it actually has some bugs preventing a player from finishing it. In the game you walk as Willy, poor fella who has to clean up his big mansion after supposedly an epic party. Only then, his wife will allow him to his bedroom (such is life!). Each screen (and there’s about 60) has one item to pick up and plethora of things that can kill you if you move wrong or time that jump badly. I never liked the game itself, but the music is outstanding.

More about Jet Set Willy –


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