Fahrenheit – Main Theme (Angelo Badalamenti)

The game was released as Indigo Prophecy in USA. The name of music creator is particularly known here – it’s the same guy who, among other masterpieces, created that famous theme for Twin Peaks. From Quantic Dream studios with notable name of David Cage.

In Fahrenheit, you will meet a man named Lucas Kane right in the middle of very dramatic events. He did something wrong and has to run away. A simple life of a typical American will suddenly descend into chaos and despair. Lucas will seek for help of his priest brother, enigmatic old woman Agatha and others, to find out what really happened to him. But Lucas is not the only hero. In parallel, you will work as detective Carla Valenti and Tyler Miles, who work with the police trying to solve Lucas’s case, pursuing his steps. It’s a very unique experience, where you control and decide the person who runs away and right after that, the person who tries to catch. Lucas and Carla will finally meet and the events will unfold in even less expected manner. During the whole game you will constantly face a choice. The policeman rings to my door – should I open, or pretend I’m not home? My boss calls for me to come to work, should I answer or make love to my woman? A kid falls into cold freezing water, do I jump and rescue him and risk exposure, or not? The way the game is constructed makes you really care about your choices. It’s not “meh, just go on”. Sometimes you have seconds to decide what to do and you can feel a real stress and rush. The plot of the game turns into something a little bit over the top at the end, but thankfully, it does not ruin the story.

Fahrenheit is a very special game for me and I consider it one of most important (not just best, that would not give it proper justice) piece of modern art and entertainment that aims for maintaining so called “emotional quotient”. Everyone should experience the game, no matter what your stance towards games is. You could say that it’s an action adventure game, but it’s more than that. It makes you an important part of the deeply emotional story and creates an almost perfect illusion (it’s always illusion apart from real life) that your choices change the future and they do matter. There’s very specific, film-like narration, multiple camera shots, boosting the suspense and drama to maximum. But what’s most important is that the game succeedes in reaching player’s emotions in a very rare way. You will care about main characters, you will feel truly happy and truly sad. You will cry with Carla and Lucas and laugh with them. As D. Cage said, there’s still so much potential in video games, that we do not explore, settling down for simple amusement. Fahrenheit is that kind of game that make you really question who you are and what do you want from life. I could go on and on about the uniqueness of the game, but the fact is that you should just see it for yourself.

Here’s a fragment from the intro :

“Things are never quite what they seem. We think we understand the world around us but we really only see the outside. What it seems to be. I used to be just like you. I believed in humanity, the newspapers, soap commercials, politics and history books. One day the world kicks you in the teeth and you don’t have any choice but to see things the way they really are. My name is Lucas Kane. My story is the one where an ordinary guy has something extraordinary happen to him.”

David Cage created another game later on, that follows a similar schema and tries even harder. It’s called Heavy Rain, and we’ll get to that…

There are also “Lucas Theme” and “Carla Theme” that derive from the main motive – look it up on YT.

More about Fahrenheit –


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