Crayon Physics Deluxe – Lullaby (_ghost)

One-man project, being just an experiment with a physics engine. The game is about making the ball getting to a star. It’s just you vs the world and gravity. Whatever you draw on screen, you can use. Need a box? Sure, draw it. A line-bridge? Why not! A big piece of heavy rock? Of course. Then there’s some physics applied to it – you can make it a chain string, a rope, apply pivot point. The game is realized in a chalk, cartoony manner, it feels like something played on a piece of paper. The game is all about fun and creativity – each level you can pass by plethora of ways, sometimes even by accident. It’s a great attention builder for small kids. I’ve shown the game to several 5,6,7 year olds, and they were all captivated in no time.

The main music theme, Lullaby, was created by an artist going by the nickname _ghost, I don’t know his real identity, but the track has been released ( under Creative Commons licence and creator of CPD just asked to use it. So it’s not really a track “made for” the game, but I’m quite certain that it fits the game perfectly and became very popular because of it. It’s very soothing and peaceful, just like a lullaby.

More about Crayon Physics Deluxe –


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