Fire & Ice – I See Penguins (Jason Page)

Something snowy for upcoming winter, but cheerful. When you look at it, you don’t often find cheerful music in video games. It was more common in older productions like this, nowadays games try hard to be like movies, so the music is very “intellectual”, pompatic, theatrical.

But not with this one. Fire & Ice is just a simple platformer game from 1994. You steer a funny blue fox/coyote, run, avoid bad things and have fun. Nothing more, nothing much. Just this. I remember playing this on PC, I never got past the first level, because I had the original and it asked for copy protection test after that – and I didn’t have the manual… The music always felt nice to me and even now it boosts happiness and good memories about childhood.

A note here, many music tunes I’m sharing exist in several versions. Either it’s synthesized by another sound chip (adlib, roland, gus, sound blaster) or it’s composed for another machine (amiga, pc, consoles) or there’s extended remastered edition somewhere. Most of the time, I’m referring to the sounds I remember and know, but you may sometimes like the other version.

I couldn’t find a decent clip of this online, so I’ve recorded it myself, shooting some pictures and saving the music from my copy on disk. This one has actually two music pieces joined together, the main one starts later, before you get a small intro called “Far Lookout”. It plays when it starts the first level, so these two were always a whole to me.

More about Fire & Ice –


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