Draconus (Adam Gilmore)

Back to the retro gaming, shall we? This time we have 1988’s Draconus.

Draconus has a very detailed and polished graphic art, sound effects and gameplay, it was a game really standing out in its time. Among silly platformers, this one was presenting itself as something serious, the player knew that from the very beginning – there was this mature graphical art style and weird sound effects (like things whistling, bubbling, generally there was always something in the background that was leaving you in constant unrest). It was quite hard, actually, and most of the time you didn’t really know what to do, as there were some puzzles to solve. Anyho, the story is just standard, a hero (a human-frog mix) stands up to a tyrant beast and attempts to save the land from him. You can jump, run, punch stuffs and emit a flame breath. There were also few items you have to collect in order to proceed further and gain special abilities that will aid you either in getting to the boss or in the actual final battle. Back then (I think I was 8), I didn’t know english, so when I couldn’t understand anything from the items’ description. Because of that, I couldn’t pass certain area – I didn’t know what to do. Until finally by a crazy accident, I’ve pulled joystick down on a special platform and transformed into a draconewt (the ability was granted by a token I’ve gained earlier) – you could imagine my surprise and amazement! From then, it became simpler and finally I reached the boss (looked like a Giger nightmare, btw) and shredded him to pieces. Such a good feeling to conquer evil again.

This particular music piece is quite famous and when asked about best 8bit sounds, you might as well get this one as an answer. For that time, it was really a masterpiece and a really capturing song, done only using 4 channels (talk about limited polyphony!). It feels very pompatic, cinematic even…

More about Draconus –


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