The Goonies (Scott Spanburg?)

Ahh, Goonies. It was one of my favourite movies during my childhood. In case you haven’t seen it, it’s a Spielberg’s piece released in 1985 and it was basically Indiana Jones for kids. Here, a gang of friends unite in a bizarre adventure that starts on the attic of their own home, in order to help their parents save their homes and prevent moving out to another place. It strikes all the right chords – the sense of friendship, the sense of adventure, treasure, danger, thrill, traps, love and devotion. Not only they have to fight all the traps in order to regain the treasure, but they also have a italian mafia family chasing them, Fratelli’s. It’s very “family” movie, quite funny because of characters of Mouth, Chunk and Data but entertaining at the same time.

The game was released soon after to mirror movie events. It’s a unique puzzle platformer, where you control two characters from Goonies, every level set has a different pair. You can switch between them and you have to leverage their abilities and positioning to overcome obstacles on each level. So you will visit Fratelli’s mansion, then you will enter underground cave and tunnel, then pipe system below the city, skull chamber, piano chamber, octopus, the ship… you will easily recognize all the places from the movie. The funny thing is that the game has octopus in it, yet the octopus scene was removed from the original movie (though not entirely, Data is still mentioning it after he’s rescued). The game was quite hard if you don’t exactly knew what to do in order to get further, but it had nice graphics and was quite fun. All in all, a decent addition to the Goonies brand.

Fun fact, main actor playing Mike Walsh later played Sam Gamgee in Lord of the Rings movie – Sean Astin.

The main theme was composed after the original Goonies Song by Cyndi Lauper – The Goonies R Good Enoug. Here it is :

More about Goonies – this time I’m liking to the movie page, but there’s section about video games there as well. For some reason, there’s little in the internet about 8-bit version of Goonies game on Atari or C64 –


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