Child of Eden – Heavenly Star (Genki Rockets)

Child of Eden is a rhytm-action shooter game from the creators of Rez, a similar game released few years ago. In this type of games, you basically perform some relatively easy actions, like shooting, or pointing and by doing so you enforce a rhytm, beat or melody to already ongoing music theme. There’s some backing story, but it doesn’t matter here really. The objective is to save Project Lumi, which is near completion, from a virus attack. Yada, yada, noone cares. That’s the kind of game, where gameplay is everything.

If Rez was a breakthrough, Child of Eden is building on it, taking the experience to even higher level. You fly through insanely designed levels, something between a dream, matrix and world of Tron. There’s lot of fantastic shapes, feerie of colors and generally you feel kinda euphoric while playing it – it just flows and you flow with it. All the music and visuals go through you and into you, you can enjoy the synesthesia with (almost) all your senses. Add 3D stereo in your TV and vibration of PS Move controller (on PS3, but it’s also available for Kinect) and you are in for an incredible experience. After you finish the game, you will get many bonuses, like binaural sounds, special graphic effects (that feels like you’re really tripping on LSD) and other surprises, so there’ definitely a high replay factor. Try Rez and Child of Eden if you have some time and a PS console nearby – they’re both brilliant.

While the music presented is not in the game in this exact form, it’s main theme is heavily used and remixed during gameplay, this videoclip is also an unlockable bonus. Genki Rockets is a Japanese virtual band, which means all the members “visible” are fictional, non existing in reality, and that’s the case here for 18-year old Lumi appearing in videoclips, who was born in space on September 11, 2037, and has never been to Earth. Other actual members are mystery, though a producer – Tetsuya Mizuguchi – is known. Genki Rockets play cheerful, melodic pop heavily supported by electronic and their visual style is colorful and “ecstatic”. There’s something about this song that just makes it stuck in your head and force you to play it over and over. I also hear that this particular piece could be heard first in Lumines, previous game from the same studio.

More about Child of Eden –


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