Flower – Life as a Flower (Vincent Diamante)

I’ve discovered Flower recently. It’s a project of Jenova Chen of thatgamecompany. Mr Chen sees video game experiences a bit differently than most game creators nowadays. His intenion is to bring something very pure, innocent and close to nature. The feeling of relaxation, happiness, calmness and peace. There’s nothing to kill you, there’s nothing to destroy or score points. It’s a unique, fresh approach to the world of gaming, to show both gamers and nongamers, that we still have a lot to explore and that games don’t have to feel and look like they are now.

You could say that Flower is an anti-game. In fact, when you start it, you have no idea what to do and for several seconds, you’re not even sure, if you’re in control of anything or just looking at nice screensaver. But no. The idea of Flower is to bring you back to some lost memories. To experience nature in it’s very innocent form. To feel the wind on the field, to see the colors of grass, sky and sun. You fly a single flower petal. You can either just explore the world and enjoy and relax or you can follow a very rough “goal”. The goal is to “touch” flowers growing nearby by flying near them. You will hear a characteristing nice sound, be it piano, gong or harp when doing that. There will be many flowers of different colors and sounds. When you touch them, you change the terrain around you, sometimes gaining access to new areas or sometimes just making the world more vivid, more full of life. At the end of each “area”, you can do something bigger. After touching so many flowers, you will find that you no longer fly as a petal, but there’s a horde of them just flying with you, following you, making a beautfil chain or colorful snake flowing on the wind. Using your petal friends you can “pass the energy”, to bring old rusty tree to life and bloom, bring colors to where they belong or free city from steel and electricity that slowly kills it. But above everything else, you will just cherish the feeling of floating freely above the ground. It fulfils one of our oldest desires – to fly.

Flower is an amazing game. I’ve seen all the levels already, but I still launch the game sometimes and just fly around. It helps to relax and generally tune you into a good mood. There’s also beautiful soundtrack, that can be bought separately – fits great as something to play when you’re taking a nap or just want to chill out. I very much like this kind of a game, if you can still call it a game, and I’m looking foward to new game from Jenova Chen – Journey. So, since I’m very much in love with Flower, I think it deserves its separate video of an actual gameplay, to give you the impression.

More about Flower –


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