Proun (Arno Landsbergen)

Something light this time. Proun it’s an small indie game I’ve discovered few months ago. It’s a “racer” kind of a game, but based on a fresh concept, that you don’t move your car/ship/whatnot freely in space/on the road, but you steer a marble that can only move on a “cable” (because it’s magnetized, let’s say). The only thing can do is to move forward or just turn around the cable. This approach makes the “level” quite a unique experience, because you can go through it in a different angle everytime – and it might look totally different when are “above” the cable than when you’re “below” it. The track consists of various elements that are either connected to the cable, or very close to it, forming obstacles or holes you have to fit in. And when you move around the cable, the whole “world” obviously moves with you, which can be amazingly confusing. Proun has a few “speed” modes and they really change the way you think about the level. The easy one, you just slowly move and avoid things. On the fastest one, you have so little time to react, you race so quickly, that most of the moves will be just intuitive, there’s no time for thinking. And yes, it’s kinda fun!

Proun was released in “pay what you want” model, which means that you can go to the website, give the guy a dollar or two and get the game in no time. I applaud this, it’s quite a bold move and (I hope) will boost not only the income, but also word of mouth popularity. The game features very nice, relaxed, jazzy soundtrack, something different that you might expect from a racer game – it’s not high-freq beat techno.

More about Proun –


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