Quake – Main theme (Trent Reznor)

Ahh, two very big names here. Do I have to explain who is Trent Reznor? The guy behind Nine Inch Nails, musical one man army, insanely productive, creative and sick son of a gun. NIN music revolves around industrial rock/electro and it feels like the ideal music for a legend that Quake is.

Quake is a First Person Perspective shooter from a legendary company called id Software. John Carmack, John Romero – there are guys who basically invented the genre. First, there was Wolfenstein 3D, then the widely-recognized Doom, and finally there was full 3D Quake, which totally destroyed every game there was. Seriously, I was there, when Quake landed. The game was so dark, so intense and detailed, the atmosphere was just stomping you into ground. The world of games changed that day. Not only it gained a remarkably well designed and developed game, but also the multiplayer mode was truly born – from now on, the essence of gaming was to play with others via network. Tons of people spent plethora of time chasing each other in dark, depressing corridors with bazooka in their “hands”. Nowadays, the genre feels so exploited, we have hundreds of similar games, which we push away from young people, because it all feels so wrong, so violent and shallow. But it wasn’t like that back then, it was really an art. It all meant something, was for something, combined together made perfect sense. Not much can be said about Quake, it’s also a game that won’t conquer your heart today – you either remember it from back then or not. But you may still taste its heritage in online version of QuakeLive.

Ironically, the music to Quake is not so popular. Some people will be surprised that there actually was any music. There was. It was recorded as audio tracks on Quake CD, not as music embedded into game. Since the game was ripped and pirated all over the place, the audio tracks were not part of it, and to majority of players, the game was just about sound effects, there was no music. But the music is really brilliant and fits Quake well. Hard, drilling, overwhelming. A very good work of Mr. Reznor here. A fun fact is that all the nailgun ammo packs bear the NIN logo – product placement! :) I remember reading somewhere that Trent was a devoted Quake player – he was so much into it, that almost ruined his session recordings for some other album (don’t remember). Talk about enjoying your work.

More about Quake –


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