Need for Speed (Petey Pablo)

Something to chill out this time. I like this song, it’s something that works well when you drive fast and when you wake up in the morning, just that energetic piece.

Need for Speed is a series of racing games. Probably most famous one. NFS games never intend to transfer the whole “total reality” steering thing onto computer game, but it’s also not total arcade, 0 gravity and homing missiles racer. It always balances somewhere in between, giving you a lot of fun in controlled environment. The initial series boasted very detailed car models of actual rides, with great introductory movies. It’s all about speed in the game, and you feel it, just pure speed, wind, and you. Later games introduced some additional game modes, like drifting or chases, but in the very essence, it remains the same – go, go, go, shift gear, nitro boost, go more.

I think I remember best the NFS2 and the Underground games (there were two, I think). Good times.

More about Need for Speed –


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