Secret of Monkey Island (Michael Land)

One of my first games on PC. Secret of Monkey Island is a Lucasfilm adventure game by Ron Gilbert. It’s a typical point’n’ click game, where you visit many locations, pick up objects, combine them, talk to people and use objects. That kind of interface, named SCUMM, was a cornerstonefor future games of that kind and stayed in that genre for long time, to be later dropped in favour of less complex, more intuitive ad-hoc ui. But what gamers will remember about Monkey Island is its awesome humor and pirate setting. Play it once, and you will refresh all your child memories to be a pirate with a black hat, one-eye patch and hook, arr! Play it twice, and you will yearn for lyrical-thrash-talk-sword battles, you will use the “look, a three-headed monkey” excuse on your friends and learn to use “yikes” a lot. The story is about Guybrush Threepwood (do you remember what I’ve told you about lucasfilm funny names?), a young pal who intends to become a pirate and conquer seven seas, get a shiny treasue and find the eternal love. But evens will unfold not exactly as planned, and Guybrush will end chasing evil ghost-pirate LeChuck in order to resuce local governor Elaine. He will meet a strange hermit Herman Toothrot, an ocd salesman Stan and… oh well. You’ll see. It’s going to be hillarious, I promise.

Monkey Island as an adventure game was quite hard at that tine. It would stand as unpassable nowadays, as world moved into more intuitive riddles than combining a wrench with gopher repelent, or whatnot. But it’s totally worth it. It’s a crazy game, where the story is more twisted than a brazillian soap opera. The game evolved into series of few games and I think all of them did not disappoint. Adventure game classic that you simply must see and know, if you call yourself a gamer.

Back then I was quite small and never really got what “Uh-oh” in text transcript means. Only recently I’ve just said it out loud to simply discover that’s this kind of “oh, crap” sound you make, when you find yourself in trouble.

The music theme here is from the extended edition, released not so long ago, I find it even more cheerful and nice than the original.

More about Secret of Monkey Island –


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