Guild Wars (Jeremy Soule)

Another game-legend. Suprisingly, the bigger cornerstone, the less I have to say about it. Straight to the facts maybe, then. Guild Wars is an competetive online RPG game. You play in a beautifully crafted world of Tyria, Elona and Cantha. You learn skills of several interesting classes : Ranger, Monk, Warrior, Necromancer, Mesmer, Elementalist, Assasin, Ritualist, Dervish, Paragon. Each of these maintains its own very unique graphic and animation style, all the spells and abilities are greatly animated and it all feels very epic.

GW builds on the online RPG genre, but goes another way by establishing few very fresh concepts. The first, for instance, was to drop the monthly subscription price – GW, once you buy it, is completely free to play online. That alone is very uncommon for games of this scale. The other thing was to drop standard class-role binding, but instead allow players to mix two class professions. You can only use 8 skills in one journey, but you can arrange your skill pad from more than 500 skills – its kinda similar to building a card deck in Magic:the Gathering. This variety makes Guild Wars very hard to master, but also insanely interesting, because of endless combinations giving you many gameplay styles.

While GW offered some single-player story campaign content, it was mostly perceived as Player vs Player game (well, hence the name!). So once you’ve established a guild, you are into guild battles. Here’s where the game really spreads its wings. Not only you have to position and comander your team perfectly, but you also have to rely on a strategy you’ve picked for the battle, that drives your skill choice. There are thousands of sets published on the internet, and again like with MtG, every combination has it’s counterstrategy and its up to your wits to determine a sane middleground or take the big risk. I only have finished one full campaign of GW and never really played that much, but I admire the game as a whole and it really stands out – and this is almost impossible in market suffocated by presence of World of Warcraft.

Guild Wars had few expansion sets, each introducing new features, new content, new lands but also new loading screen with new intro music fitting current theme. Here I present the music from Guild Wars : Factions, with a certain Asian feeling to it – I like this one most, but others are also very decent.

More about Guild Wars –


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