Super Mario Bros (Koji Kondo)

Oh well :) Please tell me you don’t know that tune? C’est impossible! It’s one most popular games and thus music tunes ever. It has been remixed, rearranged, redesigned, rerecorded and whatnot gazillions of times and flavors. So when we talk about video game music, this one cannot be omitted.

The game is a “simple” platformer we call “right-scroller”, because you constantly move in that direction, beating stage after stage. You go as Mario (or his equally skilled brother, Luigi), a plumber who has to save his princess. He does that by surprisingly high amount of head bumps into bricks, jumping over bad stuff and shooting. Nothing fancy, you’d say, but this game hipnotized millions of people. It has this one most important thing – playability, gameplay, fun factor – tuned to perfection and to this day serves as a great example of game that you want to play.

For over 20 years, Super Mario Bros. was the best-selling video game of all time and has sold more than 40 million copies worldwide. It also made consoles popular. Now, you don’t have to have computer to rock. You just buy this shiny box you attach to your TV. That changed the way we thought of games nowadays. There’s also a nice “carbon copy” with a twist on C64 called “The Great Giana Sisters” – we’ll get to that.

There’s a lot of myths and memes revolving around the game. For instance, the phrase “your princess is in another castle” made into common speech, meaning “you tried, but you’ve failed, try harder” or “the girl you’re looking for is not here”.

There’s a video flowing on youtube, in which a guy asks porno stars about their favourite games. Guess who was erm… on top? Why, of course, our hot plumber guy!

More about Super Mario Bros –


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