NBA Live 2003 – Blao (Hot Karl)

After a short weekend break, we return to video games and the music. Let’s kick off with something positive. Anyone here loves slamdunkin’? Thought so.

NBA game series from EA Sports (with catchy line “If it’s in the game, it’s in the game”) was always a tad different from other sport franchise. Game menus were colorful and chaotic and the music was closer to the street. And, fair enough, that’s basketball in it’s source. It’s not exactly full blown european sport, with all these rules, stances and attitude. Basketball bears this american play- and life-style, of catching up with your bros on the backyard and tossing the ball a little. Since you have less players, the sense of “community” and “brotherhood” was always stronger for basketball. Also, it makes perfect sense to play 1 on 1, which creates good opportunities for settling scores, executing some hard talks or just challenge a newcomer.

I always felt a basketball player, not a football player. Seems to me, like there’s less running, and more thinking, but also more spectacular actions. Game does not depend on one moment of weakness or luck, but rather on proper execution and focusing on defense. But, even if you loose by 10 points, this is not a situation that cannot be reversed, which makes the game very enjoyable.

Not much to be said about the video game. It tries hard to mimic all these feelings onto the monitor. You play teams from NBA, you control all the players, you can dribble, you can do lay offs, slam dunks, alleyoops. There are arena speakers who will just break every world record for stretching the “Scooottttieeeee Piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiipen” phrases. With every new release, the game looks closer to the reality and in the meantime tries to deliver similar fun as if you were playing the real bb. It’s not always perfect. In fact, the genre currently is in disgrace and EA took another year to master their development and release a new game next year, to crush competition hopefully. But, in reality, when it comes to sports games, you choose between EA and “the other one”, for football it’s PES, for bb it’s NBA 2kXX. They’re great games if you want to chill out or just play a match with a friend. But most importantly, these games should fuel your desire to wear your jersey, dust off your and1 shoes, and just run onto the field. Works for me.

I like the music piece. It’s, obviously a rap song, since this kind of music roots deeply for basketball. But Hot Karl nailed it very well here, describing the dynamic nature of the sport and personalities of different players. Plus, the insane bit. Enjoy!

More about NBA Live –


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