EVE Online – Below The Asteroids (Jon Hallur)

Imagine you’re all alone. There’s no single sound around you. You’re a pilot of a big Galentean space ship frigate, belonging to a democratic society. You orbit around a space station, slowly, gracefully, kingly. No familiar faces, no passers-by. Dark sky filled with stars and only a blazingly white nebula before you… suddenly, a small rift opens near you, you’re not fast enough to launch your jammers and not enough power to make a time/space jump. Space pirate just got you unprepared. He’ll gloat and ask for huge amount of money to be transferred instantly into his account, or else say goodbye to your ship. This time, you’ve lost a battle. But as soon as you deliver the message about this incident to your corporation of loyal friends, the tide for this pirate will turn in an eyeblink…

If you got captivated at least a little by this, then enter the world of EVE. EVE is a massive multiplayer online rpg game set in space. It’s quite different from other games in that there’s no “separate worlds” or servers, or instances of the game. No, there’s just one world, one reality, everyone experiencing the same. At one time, you may find like 400k people in the game, simultaneously. You pick a society first, military-based and mystic Amarr, barbaric Minmatar, democratic and freedom-loving Galente or nationalists Caldari. You will rarely see your character on screen, most of the time it will be just a photo picture to remind you who you are. But, surprisingly, this cause the RPG aspect to play very well in this world. You really embrace who you are, what you are. You can pick several careers in the world, but they’re not exactly obvious. You can fight for justice and freedom, you can be a bounty hunter, you can be a miner, engineer or just bad guy terrorizing others. EVE is all about interaction between players. There’s little so-called PvE content, that is: content for solo playing. The strength of the game lies in great alliances formed by hundreds of people, belonging to even greater alliances, thus forming a huge pacts, corporations that fight over the control of universe. Thefts, betrayals and politcal offences happen in EVE all the time. The game is like a sandbox for players – it does not lay out many things for you. You can fly a ship, you can arm it however you please, you can fly in space, but other than that, it’s your imagination that comes into play and fills in the void. It’s not for everyone, though. There’s a lot of numbers to be processed, lots of options to consider, lot of time to be invested. Some even call Eve an Excel in Space. Maybe. I admire the game greatly because it managed to maintain very unique feeling to it, it’s own style of art, music, gameplay. It’s well connected. I never could force myself to play the game for more than couple of months, but I watch its growth very closely.

The music created for the game has to cooperate well with the feeling of being in space. In Eve, this is overwhelming. You’re just completely alone, there’s very little sound, very little movement, you won’t see a happy gnome waving hi to you and farting. It’s only you and space, most of the time. Natually, the music chosen to support this is most often electronic, subtle, quite, very ambientish. Soundtrack from EVE was another set of songs I was listening to while falling asleep. There is just something soothing in this music, but at the same time, promising adventure. Close your eyes, float freely and press play…

More about EVE Online –


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