Lotus III (Patrick Phelan)

Back then, before Need for Speed was born, or actually any currently ruling racing game, Amiga players had only one true racer game – and it was Lotus III.

Lotus III is a pseudo 3D (faked in 2D) speed racer released in 1992. It was an instant success, as previous editions of Lotus already laid out the groundwork for remarkable game. This version offered great music, great sense of speed and amazing levels to go through. New in Lotus III was RECS – a system to generate a customized version of a track, based on multiple editable factors. But, what was really great about Lotus, was the ability to race with your friend in split-screen mode – and that was probably most of my time spent with the game. When we chased each other, almost side by side, pushing our joysticks to their limits… ah, the memories.

The intro theme is epic. Several seconds building up to main hit, and then bam! It was great for racing, it was stimulating the adrenaline rush and then carried you smoothly further. To many players, this track will remain a synonym of racing music.

More about Lotus –


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