This is a sideproject of my own, to serve as a common space to express my thoughts about various aspects of video games.

The title is a word play with popular 2000’s internet meme of “all your base are belong to us”. It’s a nice way, I think, to express the fact that games are part of our culture, our common good and we should treat them as such, instead of pushing away and demonizing. It’s also about us vs them, gamers, consumers versus game developers and creators. Since we all want to have great time, we should learn more about their work. By playing a game we can try to be a critic, to understand why we like what we like, what’s wrong and what is the reason. After all, there’s this little creative part in all of us – and games (playing them or creating them) are a brilliant way to express it.

“Press fire to play” was the most popular phrase displayed during intro screens in 1980’s-1990’s games (for arcade saloons, this was obviously turned into “insert coin to play”). The blog also started as a place to host the “Music of video games” series I did previously on Facebook, so the “play” here has at least two meanings.

I always felt that games need their evangelists. People with scientific or humanistic approach, able not only to play the game, but also to find other meanings and benefits in it and then convince others that there’s something precious, an actual value in playing games. I’m trying to be such person here. It’s also very important to me personally. I believe, above all, that games have unique potential to create enriching experiences, that can influence us in ways we would not think were possible. They’re also a form of communication between game designer and player. I haven’t created any game so far, but I do like to think that I contribute to the existence of such communication – and I bring some relevant vocabulary for both parties. I hope that whether you already like games or you’ve never played one in your life – you will find something interesting here.

I encourage you to add your own two cents – maybe you remember other games and their music? Maybe you remember something funny, interesting or personal about the games I’m describing? Write it down here. Maybe you even would like to write your own piece about certain game? Let me know – maybe we can put it here. WordPress makes commenting as easy as it can be, probably using Facebook login is the quickest way – feel free to use it.

So let’s talk, let’s share experiences, let’s see what happens.